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Ever wanted to remember a long number or a long list of items? Numzi provides the easiest way to convert numbers into memorable words. Also, Numzi is bi-directional, so you can also use Numzi to convert your words back into your number. Numzi covers the English language with over 220,000 words and over 90,000 unique numbers.

Social Security numbers, phone numbers, credit card numbers, dates. Numzi can help you with remembering the many numbers you deal with daily, which can make life easier.

Numzi uses to a phonetic code known as the Major System to convert numbers into words. The method associates numbers 0 through 9 to a specific consonant sound. Using this method, you can turn the number 735 into “camel" by inserting vowels among the consonants since we know K="7", M="3" and L="5", so “camel" --> K ae M ah L --> 735. Learn the Major System

The usefulness of the Major System goes beyond just remembering numbers. You can also combine this method with the Peg System, to help memorize a numbered list, such as a grocery list or the presidents of the United States, by associating numbers with words easily visualized such as “shoe," “ray", or “home." The Numzi Peg Word list includes a Peg Word Story to help you remember the peg words. Learn Peg Words It is also really powerful to combine methods such as constructing a memory palace to situate your Peg Words with a spacial places (or loci).

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Also, Professor Arthur T. Benjamin. Dr. Benjamin, "Americas Best Math Whiz" delivers an excellent 30-minute class using this system called "How to Memorize Numbers" currently available for free at:

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